Making Room

Whenever one person wants to make a difference in the life of someone else, they have to "make room" in their life.  They have to "make room" in their heart, in their prayer life, in their schedule, in their energy level and sometimes in their financial resources.  In Mark 2, four guys weren't content to simply walk past a paralyzed guy laying on a mat, when in fact, the guy needed to get to Jesus.  Nothing was convenient about the situation.  

Jesus was teaching in a home where there was simply NO ROOM for the paralyzed guy to connect.  But the four guys "made room".  They "made room" in their schedule, their creativity, their reputation, their energy, their compassion and their faith.  As a result, dropped the guy through a roof, the guy connected with Jesus, had his sins forgiven and his body totally healed.  All because a few people "made room".

LifeChange has continued to connect with more people as we've seen our worship attendance increase by 60% over the past five years.  But now it's time for us to take intentional steps to MAKE ROOM to pray boldly, invite intentionally and to give sacrificially in a way that would allow us to MAKE ROOM for more in our community.  Join us as we walk-through this bold new journey.

For more information about the MAKING ROOM initiative, visit our MAKING ROOM page by clicking HERE.