While church membership isn't our #1 moniker as believers in Jesus Christ, we do believe that membership is an important step in the faith journey.  The Bible is full of language that describes a sense of "belonging" to other believers.  

As members, we're letting everyone else know that we belong to this local family of worshippers.  We also demonstrate a level of interest, as stakeholders, in things that help the organization of the local church fulfil the mission of Jesus.  Things like voting on pastors, voting on how resources and money are allocated.  Again, while everyone who attends LifeChange is an important part of the church family, membership simply designates a higher level of commitment to the organization.

If you are interested in what LifeChange Community Church is all about, our vision, our values and our beliefs, we encourage you to attend our Growth Tracks classes when those are offered.  If you'd like to join the church as a member, we would like for you to take our Membership 401 class.  If you'd like to take this class, send an email to lifechangeonline@gmail.com.

If you desire to join the church, please complete the application form below:

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