Child Dedication Application.

Dedicating your child is a great milestone, not only in your child's life, but also in your own life as a parent.  In fact, in reality, this dedication ceremony is really about your dedication as a parent.  As parents, you are declaring to everyone that you intend to model in your own life, parent and raise this child to the best of your ability to follow Jesus.  You're also asking the local church to partner with you in this journey!   At LifeChange, our passion is to partner with families to see everyone worship, connect, serve and grow in their faith!

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To help in your own faith journey, which “next steps” would you like consider:
The following dedication vows will be presented in the presence of witnesses. Are you in wholehearted agreement with these? *
In presenting your children for dedication to the Lord, do you confess your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord? If so, then answer: I do. Do you understand… …That your child is a gift from God? That your child must see God’s love and truth lived out in your life day by day? That you must consistently pray for your child’s spiritual growth and protection? That a healthy marriage relationship with your spouse is vital to the emotional and spiritual well-being of your child? Do you promise to affirm this child in their obedience and lovingly and appropriately discipline them when they are disobedient? Do you promise to do your best to faithfully attend and worship with your child at church and do you promise to help your child to one day come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ? If so, your response is: I do.
In which service on May 10, 2020 (Mother's Day) would you like to dedicate your child(ren)? *

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Child Dedication Information

 ·       What is Child/Infant Dedication and how does this differ from believer’s baptism?

The Wesleyan Church believes that infant dedication is a way to celebrate the gift of a child to the parents and to the Church.  It expresses the desire of the parents to raise, teach and disciple that child with the hope that the child will one day place personal faith in Jesus Christ.  In essence, it’s a dedication ceremony for the parents.  The public ceremony also recognizes the role of the Church in this process.

We believe that salvation comes by faith alone and baptism is not required for salvation, but in obedience to the act of salvation.  Therefore, believing that an infant is not old enough to know his/her need for salvation, we dedicate both the parents and the child during our Dedication Ceremony.  First we dedicate the child to the Lord symbolizing our desire that they would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in their future and we dedicate ourselves (the parents) to the Lord as a promise to raise our children modeling what it is like to be a “fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.”

 ·       Do the parents need to be Christians in order to dedicate their child? 

Yes.  As a couple or single parent standing before God dedicating their child to Him in a Christian church, your life should show the characteristics of Christ.  This means that being “knowingly” involved in behavior that is displeasing to God and goes against what His Word says would prohibit you from participating in this ceremony.  Sometimes people bring their babies for dedication because it is “the thing to do.”  We believe this is a serious commitment on the part of the parents and it should be approached with an authentic desire to live according to the scriptures and honor Jesus Christ with both our words and desires. 

·       What if I’m a single parent?  Can I dedicate my child to the Lord?

Absolutely.  We encourage single parents who are following Biblical principles in raising their children to dedicate their children and themselves to the Lord.

·       Does dedicating my child guarantee that they will become Christians?

No.  Each of us makes that decision on our own.  However, “values are more caught than taught” and we do believe that by dedicating your life as parents, to Jesus Christ and faithfully living as a Christian believer, your child will one day make the decision to serve the same God that you serve. 

  • Any other instructions for dedication ceremony?

We will invite mom, dad, child (and any siblings) to the front for the dedication ceremony.  We encourage you to invite family and friends to church that day.  During the ceremony, you are more than welcome to take photos or video.  Feel free to “move around” to find the optimum photo location.  Please be sure to send us a photo of your child (preferably via email to within one week prior to the ceremony.