WHAT TO WEAR?   You’ll find that our worship time is  pretty casual.  Whether you prefer a t-shirt and shorts, jeans or something more formal, just come as you are!  

WHAT KIND OF MUSIC?   Our worship style is keyboard-driven with guitars, drums and sometimes strings.  The music is worshipful and upbeat with reverence.  In addition to contemporary tunes, we also incorporate some rich lyrics of traditional hymns.

WHAT ABOUT KIDS?   As a growing church, we have tons of kids!  We offer nursery and pre-school ministries in all services.  The pastor also releases the kids 1st-4th grade for Kids Church (about halfway in the service).  We have an electronic check-in system to insure the safety of all of our kids.

WHAT DO YOU TEACH?   The Bible is the foundation for all of our teaching.  Because the Bible is meant to be life-breathing and useful, the messages will provide practical life lessons, video illustrations and even humor. (Boring is not a godly trait!)  We also provide powerpoint slides to accent the teaching.  We typically use the NIV translation of the Bible (and have extra bibles on-hand).  We also offer free wi-fi for those who prefer to access resources. 

WHAT DO GUESTS HAVE TO DO?  We don't make you stand up and announce your name, we don't shine a spotlight on you and we don't make you sit in some weird guest row.  You're not required to sing, or pray aloud or give an offering or sign up for anything.  You can be as anonymous as you want to be.  Just come as you are, enjoy the experience and relax.  

OTHER INFO?   Our worship time typically last about 60-75 minutes.  While we do receive an offering at the end of our services,  giving is totally voluntary.  We also provide free coffee and wi-fi services in our auditorium during worship.