Apart from God, the incredible "secret sauce" of what is going on at LifeChange is YOU!

Anything you see here has the fingerprints of a volunteer all over it. Our church is getting a front row seat to seeing God at work in people’s lives because hundreds of people just like YOU give their time and talents to the local church. We believe that what we are doing as a church matters in this community, and matters in the Kingdom of God. What you do MATTERS.

We want you to know that we are grateful for you, and we’d like a chance to show it. We are inviting you and your families to our WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS Celebration. This is not about training or informing, that stuff will come later. This night is simply a chance for YOU to show up and let US provide food, entertainment and encouragement, because we love you!

We hope you'll make plans to attend.  To help us in planning, we need for you to complete the following form

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Note: The main event & free dinner are for volunteers age 10 & above.
Note: A free supper is also provided for children in childcare.