Student Ministries Pastor--Full Time

Open: Summer 2016



We’re looking for a full-time Student Ministries Pastor to join our team to lead a growing student ministries group of around 40+ teens.  This person will partner with adult volunteers and parents to help teenagers come to faith in Jesus and become passionate in their faith journey.  We’re looking for a person who understands that teens aren’t the church of the future.  They are the church of the NOW. 

We’re looking for the person who understands how to multiply leadership.  We’re not looking for a “rock star” for whom all of the kids scream over (although, being able to connect to teens is A MUST!).  We’re looking for someone who is so passionate about teens, that they empower and multiply their ministry by developing teen and adult leaders.  You’ll know that you’ve succeeded when teens graduate from high school and are able to lead and multiply ministry to their young adult peers.  


LifeChange Community Church is a growing fellowship located in the heartland of West Michigan southwest of Grand Rapids and east of Holland in a community called Burnips (it’s about 17 minutes to WalMart!).  We belong to a group of churches known as The Wesleyan Church.  In the past three years, we’ve grown from an average attendance of 250 to 400 on Sunday mornings as we continue to be intentional about reaching the increasing number of people who are moving to our community and who need the good news of Jesus Christ!

While we have a 93-year history, we spend very little time looking in the rear-view mirror because we’re focused on what God is doing beyond the windshield.  Our church has been “ramping up” its intentionality to reach people who are spiritually homeless and in need of a “LifeChange”.  Our mission is extremely simple and is wrapped up in four strategic words: To help “nudge” people in their faith journey to WORSHIP, CONNECT, SERVE AND GROW. 


  • Provide leadership in all student ministry programming for 7th-12th grade.
  • Multiply ministry by recruiting, developing and empowering volunteers to serve.
  • Oversee and develop Student LifeGroups with the goal of every teen being connected to a “smaller group” that is led by an adult shepherd.
  • Provide vision and strategy for reaching teens who need Jesus in our community.
  • Develop and facilitate a “serving culture” within our student ministry.
  • Develop and supervise student interns and residents who will assist in student ministry.
  • Oversee student involvement and engagement in various student events: summer camp, missions/serving events, etc.
  • Be available to serve in other occasional ministry capacities as needed and directed by the Lead Pastor (weddings, pastoral care, teaching, administrative tasks, etc).


  • A strong and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Good relational skills with both teens and adults.
  • An understanding of the importance of multiplying ministry through others.
  • An understanding of the difference between being an “owner” (a self-initiator) and a “hired hand” (“just tell me what to do”).
  • If married, a healthy marriage and family life.
  • Good communication and organizational skills.
  • A strong desire and ability to effectively serve in a team context with staff and other ministry leaders.
  • An authentic heart to nurture and disciple students in their faith.
  • An appreciation and desire to serve in a rural (but growing) ministry context.
  • A college degree, 2-5 years experience in student ministries with ministerial credentials (or willingness to pursue credentials) in the Wesleyan Church.


Send your resume with references to