Bible in One Year Daily Devotion

(by Nicky Gumbel)


Learning to read the Bible is an important part of your faith journey.  But simply grabbing the book and trying to read it can be challenging.  That's why using a Bible reading program can be a great tool to help.  One of our favorite online Bible reading plans is called the Bible in One Year (BiOY) and is produced by the team that created the Alpha Course (at HTB London).  There are number of ways that you can access this plan:

1.  The App
You can install a Bible in One Year app on your phone or tablet via Google Play or iTunes.  This is a handy way for you access the daily commentaries.  (This app is actually created by the Alpha team).  Visit your app store or get more info at:

Google Play

2.  The Web
You can access the daily devotionals directly from the Bible in One Year website.  From the website, you can also choose to subscribe to the daily devotionals via email.  More info can be found at:

3.  The YouVersion ( Bible App.
By setting up an account and a Bible in One Year reading plan you can easily access the daily devo on all of your electronic devices.  Go to Google Play or iTunes and get the YouVersion Bible app, set up the account, find the BiOY plan and start the plan.  Because there are several different brands of "bible in a year" plans, look for the one with the logo shown above.  This app will keep up with the days that you've read, it can send you notifications to remind you and it can send you emails.  More info can be found at: